Romney Leads By Six Points Among ‘Very Likely’ Voters, By 16 With Independents

Posted by on Oct 08, 2012 at 9:40 am

Coming off his resounding smackdown of the failed president last Wednesday Mitt Romney clearly now has the momentum on his side as depressed and bewildered Democrats are losing faith. While the new poll cites claims Obama leads by a point, delve deeper and you find some startling numbers:

The head-to-head numbers have held remarkably steady through the past three weeks, but there’s been a notable shift of intensity from the Democrats to the Republicans since the party conventions over a month ago. Most of the poll’s calls were made before Romney’s strong performance at the first presidential debate in Denver.

Only 73 percent who support Obama say they are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 86 percent who back Romney. Likewise, 84 percent of Republicans say they are extremely likely to vote, compared to 76 percent of Democrats.

Among those extremely likely to vote, Romney actually leads Obama 52 percent to 46 percent. That’s up from a 2-point lead last week. Obama led 50 percent to 47 percent among this group three weeks ago.

Obama numbers are even worse among independents, where Romney leads by 16 points.

That’s a 24-point swing among independents since 2008, a group that makes up anywhere from a quarter to a third of voters, and yet Battleground still has Obama in the lead 49-48…?

But if I’m skeptical of those bottom-line numbers, our journalist overlords who have chosen to palace guard instead of question will declare me a “truther.”

The Battleground Poll also shows an 13 point enthusiasm gap in Romney’s favor. Only 73% of Obama’s supporters are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 86% of Romney’s supporters.

But again, don’t question Battleground’s 49-48% outcome. In fact, don’t question anything anymore — or the media will question you and mock you as a “truther. ” This includes questioning our government about the release of counter-intuitive unemployment statistics very helpful to the president just 30 days out from the election.

The media loves to toss around the phrase “game changer,” except when we’ve really seen one like the debate last Wednesday.

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