RNC Chair Priebus: White House Behind Reid’s Fanatical Claims

Posted by on Aug 07, 2012 at 7:53 am
Barack Obama

Seems pretty obvious. One day Obama henchman David Axelrod meets with Senate Democrats and magically the next day Dingy Harry comes out with the wild-eyed claim that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years.

The GOP finally put two and two together and came up with the White House.

White House press secretary had mixed messaging on the issue yesterday. While he claimed that Reid spoke for himself on the matter, he nevertheless indulged the controversy by pointing out that Romney’s late father released more tax returns than Mitt.

If you remember, Reid started making the tax accusations last week based on an anonymous source and nothing else — a charge that the independent fact checker Politifact called “extreme” with “nothing solid to back it up.”

In other news, another Obama adviser is taking money from the Iranians, but they White House says that’s just political.

“This is political criticism after the fact that’s clearly designed to try to score some points when this was several years ago, prior to this dynamic we have now with regards to sanctions and companies like this,” he said.

Oh, the “it’s old news” defense. OK. So Harry Reid’s claim, unsupported by any facts, is news for a week, and a senior Obama flunky taking six figures form the Iranians is merely political.

So we wonder: How much money have David Axelrod and Harry Reid taken from the Iranians? These are important questions the media refuses to ask.

4 Responses to “RNC Chair Priebus: White House Behind Reid’s Fanatical Claims”

  1. RK on 9/09/12 at 11:56 am

    So, Preibus says the Reid claim is from the WH, and is baseless; yet his unsubstantiated and source-less claim is to be believed.

    That makes no sense whatever.

  2. rdbrewer on 11/11/12 at 1:54 pm

    Yeah, I think it’s because Biden is kind of useless. And notice he’s kind of dropped off the radar.

  3. RK on 11/11/12 at 3:44 pm

    RE: “In other news, another Obama adviser is taking money from the Iranians”

    Such a lie; the fact is that the speeches were for Nigeria. Last time I checked, Nigeria is not Iran.