Revealed: Top Democrats Raking in Massive Amounts From Bain

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This guy might look familiar. Rumor has it he was the Democrat candidate for president eight years ago, back before he had his face rearranged. You may have noticed he’s been keeping a low profile these days. Probably shacked up with his sugar mama on the $7 million yacht docked in Rhode Island, where they can conveniently skip onerous Massachusetts taxes.

Anyway, for all the nonsense we’ve been hearing about Bain Capital, it’s curious how the media largely ignores Democrats who are raking in the big bucks from them. Funny that.

President Obama may be bashing Mitt Romney’s leadership at Bain Capital, but the private equity firm has been very, very good to one top Democrat: U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry.

Bain Capital has been Kerry’s No. 1 fundraising source over the past five years, with $76,200 in donations from company executives since 2007, according to campaign watchdog group

Kerry’s take from Bain is nearly $20,000 more than his second-leading source of campaign income, Beacon Capital Partners.

Kerry has taken more money from Bain than any other Democrat in the country, according to records. Joseph P. Kennedy III, running for retiring Rep. Barney Frank’s seat, has received $10,000 from Bain executives, according to Open Secrets.

The Massachusetts senator’s largesse from Boston-based Bain could prove awkward to the Obama campaign, which is attacking Romney’s ties to the venture capital firm and the company’s alleged outsourcing activity.

The Obama campaign also has criticized Bain for taking over companies that later shut down or laid off workers.

Kerry, who lost the White House race in 2004, has been a major surrogate for Obama’s campaign and is now playing the part of Romney in debate prep sessions.

Kerry’s Bain ties go deeper than just campaign donations. The Washington Post reported earlier this year that Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, reported having a $500,000 to $1 million stake in a controversial Bain fund in China.

China, where they have child labor. Obviously they don’t care about the children.

Oh, by the way, you know which Democrat has raked in even more from Bain than Heinz Kerry, who served in Vietnam?

Take a wild guess.

If President Obama‘s attacks on Mitt Romney‘s long career at Bain Capital are a liability, as some Democrats now worry, they don’t seem to bother some of Romney’s old colleagues: Employees of Bain Capital and Bain & Company have given more than $152,000 to Obama’s campaign and the joint fundraising operation he runs with the Democratic National Committee.

Why, some of those folks may even be complicit in the death of Joe Soptic’s wife. Yet Barack Obama gladly accepts their blood money. For shame.

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