Republicans vs. Democrats: Look Who’s Laughing More

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Certainly there are unfunny and/or unnecessarily super-serious folks on either side of the aisle, so let’s just get that qualifier out of the way. My personal theory is that conservatives and Republicans absorb the rhetorical blows easier not just because they almost have to if they want to enjoy anything branded as “comedy” in this country, but because politics isn’t everything for us. It’s not all we talk about. We’re not trying to weasel it into every conversation–although my personal friends may disagree with that statement. Perhaps if things were reversed, and conservatives held all of the key pop-culture positions of influence that liberals currently do, we may become reckless in our belligerent and incessant attacks on all things Left. But for right now, all we know is what we have to work with. And what we have to work with is a liberal-dominated entertainment industry that finds ways to cram politics into everything from a sit-com to a cartoon to acceptance speeches at the Emmy’s.

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