Report: State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi

Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 at 7:55 pm

If this is true , the Secretary of State must resign immediately, and probably the president as well. Although leaving Joe Biden in charge isn’t exactly an appealing option. But hey, let’s focus on Mitt Romney instead.

The killings of the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were likely to have been the result of a serious and continuing security breach, The Independent can reveal.

American officials believe the attack was planned, but Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential.

The US administration is now facing a crisis in Libya. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the “safe house” in the city, where the staff had retreated, came under sustained mortar attack. Other such refuges across the country are no longer deemed “safe”.

Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.

It would seem this information would be included in security briefings, but the Empty Chair has no use for those. Maybe we can get a mantra going: Hillary lied, Chris Stevens died!

There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa’ida operative who was, as his nom-de-guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

But the media keeps insisting it’s some dopey video. They can’t be lying to us, can they? You know we figure since Obama isn’t bothered much with his day job maybe he can fly over to Cairo and give another important speech.  Maybe between fundraisers with Beyonce and appearances on Letterman.

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  1. NateDogg614 on 14/14/12 at 7:56 am

    This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. If this is true, I think the S of S should resign. Obama probably won’t though. Again, can you just IMAGINE the outcry from the press if this was a Republican??