Report: Obama Has More Way More Fake Twitter Followers Than Romney

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 at 9:13 am
Barack Obama

Much was made last month over a surge in followers for Mitt Romney’s Twitter account.

Soon after Green’s report, fingers were pointed at the Romney campaign, suggesting it may have bought the followers to catch up to President Obama’s giant social footprint. A hashtag making fun of Romney, #MoreFakeMitt, soon began trending on Twitter. But Zac Moffatt, the Romney campaign’s digital director, denied the campaign had bought followers, and told BuzzFeed he had reached out to Twitter to find out what happened. Green suggested someone else may have bought the followers to embarrass Romney.

Someone else may have bought them? I think we have a suspect.

President Obama has several times more fake followers on Twitter than Mitt Romney, according to a new Twitter analysis.

StatusPeople, a tool designed specifically to check for fake followers, finds that of Obama’s 18.6 million Twitter followers @BarackObama, 41 percent are fake, 29 percent inactive, and just 30 percent “good,” or presumably real users.

The tool also indicates that of Romney’s current 857, 260 followers @MittRomney, 12 percent are fake, 30 percent inactive and 58 percent “good.”

So crunching the numbers, Obama has around 8 million fake followers.

Last month, the Romney campaign was forced to deny allegations that it bought fake followers on Twitter when the number of people following Romney’s official account suddenly spiked.

Security firm Barracuda Labs later reported that about 15 percent of Romney’s followers are “fake” or “spam” accounts, usually recognizable by their recent creation date and lack of tweets.

So 70% of Obama’s “followers” are either fake or inactive. Let’s see if he’s forced to deny allegations he bought fake followers. I wonder of Obama’s Buzzfeed buttboys will be all over this.

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