Report: Obama Doing Bang-Up Job With Digital Media, Except For Getting Every Hashtag Hijacked

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 at 8:16 am

These folks apparently are completely unaware what a laughingstock Barack Obama has become on Twitter. For some time now every time his sycophants try and generate a hashtag talking point it’s inevitably quickly usurped by the right, leaving Team Obama with more egg on its face and subject to merciless ridicule.

But we’re supposed to believe how tech savvy Obama is because he and his stooges tweet a lot.

Obama’s campaign has made far more use of direct digital messaging than Romney’s. Across platforms, the Obama campaign published 614 posts during the two weeks examined compared with 168 for Romney. The gap was the greatest on Twitter, where the Romney campaign averaged just one tweet per day versus 29 for the Obama campaign (17 per day on @BarackObama, the Twitter Account associated with his presidency, and 12 on @Obama2012, the one associated with his campaign). Obama also produced about twice as many blog posts on his website as did Romney and more than twice as many YouTube videos.

This is specious since it does not account for the RNC, Romney surrogates, Romney spokespersons, etc. Not does it even factor the overwhelming responses from the right to Obama’s tweets, as well as Obama’s odious  toadies such as David Axelrod or Stefanie Cutter, whose tweets are met with ridicule. Nor do either of them ever engage anyone. It’s basically tweet and run for them.

Neither campaign made much use of the social aspect of social media. Rarely did either candidate reply to, comment on, or “retweet” something from a citizen-or anyone else outside the campaign. On Twitter, 3% of the 404 Obama campaign tweets studied during the June period were retweets of citizen posts. Romney’s campaign produced just a single retweet during these two weeks-repeating something from his son Josh.

Again, we don’t expect Mitt Romney to sit around tweeting. He’s got more important things on his plate. But to imply Obama is so far ahead of the right online is absurd.

Naturally, some of the left are already implying Obama has a “clear lead” in using online media. They wish.

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  1. Blue Hen on 15/15/12 at 10:35 am

    Obama is like, God, because he knew Myspace was dead bfore Romney did…….. Totally.