Red Flags All Over for Obama in Wisconsin

Posted by on Jun 07, 2012 at 7:20 am
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For all of Obama’s political talent, he’s been a major drag on his party since taking office.  In 2009, Republicans won two hotly-contested gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, with the victors (Chris Christie/Bob McDonnell) now on Romney’s vice-presidential short list. During the heat of the health care debate in 2010, Scott Brown picked up Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in deep blue Massachusetts.  Later that year, Republicans regained control of the House, by winning a whopping 63 seats while picking up six Senate seats.  And now, Walker wins the recall by a bigger margin than in the 2010 election, which was already a watershed year for Wisconsin Republicans.

All this suggests that something has to change fast for Obama to avoid the fate of his party colleagues come November.

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One Response to “Red Flags All Over for Obama in Wisconsin”

  1. Danny on 8/08/12 at 7:15 pm

    Here’s hoping to seeing the beginning of the end for the ‘It’s-all-about-me President” and his distorted political party. I’ll make sure to have popcorn for this viewing…