Rangel Passes Out During Obama Speech

Posted by on Jan 21, 2012 at 11:22 am

Even diehard Democrats are bored with the failed president. The adoring masses used to faint in the aisles a few years ago.

Now they’re just nodding off.

President Obama’s fund-raising tour of New York was highlighted by a few funny moments — including Rep. Charlie Rangel falling asleep during his speech, and the president proclaiming he preferred Showtime’s “Homeland” to the Republican debates.

Obama raced through the city on Thursday, appearing at two events at Upper East Side restaurant Daniel, then at a dinner for 40 at Spike Lee’s townhouse, followed by a fundraiser at the Apollo.

A witness tells us Rangel “passed out” at his table at the Harlem venue’s “A Night to Remember” event and, “His wife Alma was shaking him to wake him during the president’s speech.” A rep for Rangel denied he fell asleep.

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