Pro-Obama PAC That Brought Us Joe Soptic is Back for More With Ad Featuring Hard Hit Massachusetts Multimillionaire

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 at 7:22 am

The folks who brought us the ugliest political ad of this generation is back today with another ad bashing Mitt Romney, impeccably timed with the GOP Convention. To say these folks have been discredited would be the understatement of the year, but sure enough their eager media cohorts are already more than happy to give them free publicity.

Priorities USA Action is releasing a new commercial today spotlighting a woman who says she was “duped by Mitt Romney” – and not because of his work at Bain Capital.

Back up a minute. One of the staples of Republican messaging this cycle has been commercials empathizing with voters who feel let down by President Obama. You gave him a chance – the argument goes – but he didn’t deliver and now you can make a change.

Well, now the pro-Obama super PAC is getting in on the action.

In a commercial unveiled on the first active day of the 2012 Republican National Convention, Priorities USA spotlights Olive Chase, a former Romney supporter from Massachusetts who’s now on Team Obama.

“I’m an independent. I voted for him, I contributed to him,” Chase says in the ad. “Gov. Romney promised that he would bring jobs to this state. By the time Gov. Romney left office, we had fallen to 47th in the nation in terms of job growth.”

She’s an independent? OK, I’m sure she is, just like those “Republican Women for Obama” exposed as frauds the other day.

As to job growth, perhaps Olive can explain for us where the millions of jobs lost under Obama have gone.

Here’s the spot:

This is the same woman, a well-to-do business owner on Cape Cod. From this 2007 story, after Romney left office:

The new home of Casual Gourmet at the old H&K building in Centerville looks deceptively simple. There’s a little cafe on one side where locals sit at small glass-topped tables to enjoy breakfast or lunch. On the other side, there is a consulting area with displays of wedding cakes, champagne glasses and dish settings. One would never guess that behind the kitchen door is a huge catering empire. It’s the result of 17 years of hard work by owners Olive and Dave Chase. Buying the building and revamping it is their dream come true.

Olive started out in a little storefront selling gourmet foods. Her meteoric rise is almost a fairy tale itself. Today she creates fairy tale weddings for others.

Today we have four food service contracts.   Cape Cod Health Care is my largest client. We’re known mostly for our off premise catering. We do 75 to 100 weddings off premise each year. I write 90 percent of the menus and design the events. We’re the largest caterer on Cape Cod and one of the largest in Southeast massachusetts. I derive the most pleasure from event planning. I don’t like to quote figures but we do about $3,000,0000 a year in catering.

That figure is obviously a typo, but we figure it means $3 million. Or heck, it could be $30 million. Seems to me her business boomed during Romney’s reign of terror in Massachusetts. Taking in $3 million a year? Heck, even after expenses she must be doing well enough to afford her home in the very wealthy Marstons Mills. Clearly Romney was devastating on her business. I wonder how much she’s now bringing in after four years of Obama’s misery? She’s still in business after 26 years now, so apparently she’s hanging on.

 Update: This “independent” likes to write large checks to Democrats, apparently.

The ad features Olive Chase of Marstons Hills, Mass., a self-described independent who donated to Mr. Romney’s gubernatorial campaign and a mix of Republican and Democratic  state lawmakers. In April, she gave $1,000 to Democratic Rep. Bill Keating’s re-election committee, federal records show.

Also, Business Week calls this owner of the multimillion-dollar catering empire a small business owner. Further, the claim that Massachusetts was 47th in jobs is also misleading and was already discredited from an earlier Obama ad. So it’s quite obvious there’s coordination between Team Obama and this PAC.

The ad states that job creation in Massachusetts “fell” to 47th under Romney. That’s a bit misleading. Massachusetts’ state ranking for job growth went from 50th the year before he took office, to 28th in his final year. It was 47th for the whole of his four-year tenure, but it was improving, not declining, when he left.

The year before Romney took office, employment in Massachusetts fell by 1.84 percent. That put it in 50th, dead last. Massachusetts remained 50th in Romney’s first year, but the ranking steadily improved year by year. In Romney’s last year in office, the state saw a 1.32 percent increase in jobs, ranking Massachusetts 28th. Again, those are one-year snapshots as opposed to the cumulative four-year number.

It would be nice if Obama’s media stenographers pointed this stuff out instead of just churning out what are basically press releases.

Update: Charlie Spiering notes Chase complained about RomneyCare two years ago and wonders why someone complaining about RomneyCare would be so gung-ho for Obama.

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5 Responses to “Pro-Obama PAC That Brought Us Joe Soptic is Back for More With Ad Featuring Hard Hit Massachusetts Multimillionaire”

  1. Brendon Carr on 28/28/12 at 7:43 am

    At least this one is not a super-active Democratic donor. According to the FEC website and, Olive Chase of Massachusetts has made one political donation of $1000 to her Democratic Representative Bill Keating.

  2. Tea Party at Perrysburg on 28/28/12 at 9:18 pm

    Huh. Interesting. Romney was governor from 2002-2006, yet Ms. Olive Chase says she purchased more property in 2006, DOUBLING the size of her business, which would have been the year she was complaining about. On her own website:

    Olive Chase founded the Casual Gourmet in 1986 in a tiny Centerville storefront. The original shop, selling assorted gourmet delicacies, was an instant hit, but off-premise catering quickly became the mainstay of the business. By 1991, when the Casual Gourmet expanded into a larger facility, Olive was a local legend – known as “the caterer” to call for a memorable event with flawless service of creative and sumptuous food.

    In 2006 the Casual Gourmet purchased the former Hearth n’ Kettle Bakery building in Centerville, doubling the size of our commissary and adding a line of special occasion cakes and pastries to our repertoire.

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