Poor ‘Senior’ in Dem Ad Bashing George Allen is Actually Democrat Trial Lawyer

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 at 1:53 pm

How sloppy. Can’t they just pay someone to read the talking points instead of one of their own donors?

An elderly man in a widely seen Democratic TV ad who assails Virginia Senate candidate George Allen for backing partial privatization of Social Security, possibly threatening his fixed income, is a prominent Democratic trial lawyer known for defending former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke in his legal tussles with flamboyant former wife Suzanne Cooke.

In the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad blanketing Virginia, Edwin Williams is portrayed as a home-bound retiree on fixed income. “I count on Social Security and and I don’t want Washington politicians like George Allen privatizing it,” says the still active lawyer.

The ad does not further identify Williams, other than show his Social Security benefit papers and the street number on his McLean mailbox on leafy Swinks Mill Road populated with million-dollar brick colonials. His home is assessed at over $987,000. The text of the ad simply calls Williams, “senior.”

The ad has been a blockbuster hit against Allen who is tied or slightly trailing in polls against Democrat Tim Kaine.

A blockbuster hit that’s on YouTube for nearly a month and just now people are noticing?

Update: Speaking of frauds in Virginia, check this out.


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