Poll: Scott Brown Has ‘Slight’ and ‘Narrow’ 6-Point Lead Over Fauxcahontas

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 at 7:57 am

So, you think you can’t trust the polls these days? Well, your suspicions are confirmed, at least where Massachusetts is concerned. Just yesterday the left was wetting themselves over this poll claiming Lizzie Warren enjoyed a five-point edge over Scott Brown. It made little sense since it said Brown had a 14-point edge among independents, the largest voting bloc in the state.

So today we now see a UMass/Boston Herald poll showing Brown with a 6-point edge over the fake Indian. Or as they phrase it, a slight lead.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has moved into a narrow lead over rival Elizabeth Warren while his standing among Massachusetts voters has improved despite a year-long Democratic assault, a new UMass Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows.

The GOP incumbent is beating Warren by a 50-44 percent margin among registered Bay State voters, a turnaround from the last University of Massachusetts Lowell/Herald poll nine months ago that had the Democratic challenger leading by seven points. Among likely voters, Brown is leading the Harvard Law professor by a 49-45 percent margin, just within the poll’s 5.5 percent margin of error.

Like the president, Warren has wasted millions of dollars trashing her opponent only see it go to waste. How symbolic: Liberals wasting money to see no improvement.

There also is some troubling news for the well-financed Warren campaign. Despite spending millions of dollars to tarnish Brown’s image, the GOP incumbent’s popularity has actually increased in the past nine months.

Brown is now viewed favorably by 57 percent of registered voters, up nine points from a UMass Lowell/Boston Herald poll conducted in December 2011. Brown’s unfavorable rating actually has dropped six points to 29 percent. He is also drawing 22 percent of voters who say they will vote for President Obama.

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