Peter Gleick – the Johann Hari of climate ‘science’

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 at 2:52 pm

“Scurrilous deceptions and falsehoods” “Climate misinformation” “false claims.” Do you know, I’m beginning to think that these deniers Gleick talks about here are so evil that they should all be executed without trial don’t you? I mean it’s so obvious from what this exemplar of integrity tells us that they’re guilty as sin.

Oh, and here is Gleick again on “integrity”. (H/T Judith Curry)

And also here.

And here, testifying to a congressional committee.

Golly is “Integrity” Peter Gleick’s middle name? Truly the man is a paragon!

Hey, but wait just a second. What’s this? A confession from one Peter Gleick. Turns out he was the fakester who tricked those documents out of the Heartland Institute in Fakegate.

Full story.

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