Peaceful Occupy Oakland Woman Arrested for Attacking Police

Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 at 9:44 am

It’s laughable how every single one of these stories goes out of the way to say these lunatics are peaceful, then they report in “oh, by the way” fashion they were angrily attacking the police.

Police in Oakland, Calif., have arrested two members of the Occupy movement after a downtown march.

Oakland police say a woman and a man were taken into custody late Saturday just after about 50 protesters peacefully marched from a plaza.

Police say after the march ended, about 20 protesters angrily confronted a nearby California Highway Patrol officer who stopped a driver suspected of driving under the influence. Police say officers approached the crowd to ensure the safety of the trooper, but the woman kicked one officer as police prepared to leave.

So one minute they’re “peacefully” marching, then immediately become angry and attack a policeman doing his job.

The journalistic malfeasance in  covering the maniacs continues.

On Saturday night, while protestors occasionally yelled epithets at police, the proceedings were peaceful.

The marchers stopped briefly at De Fremery Park at 18th and Adeline streets in west Oakland, where the Black Panthers gathered in the ’60s and which is unofficially named after original Black Panther Bobby Hutton.

“A lot of revolutionaries have stepped on this ground,” one man said to the crowd, adding that the march was held in solidarity with them.

Meanwhile, one of these cretins appeared on Iranian state television to trash America.



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