Pathetic, Sore Loser Dems Already Whining in Wisconsin

Posted by on Jun 05, 2012 at 1:37 pm

These people are really holding up with their impending doom, huh?

With only about four hours into the Election Day voting, members of the Milwaukee Democratic Party claim that calls are going out to voters telling them if they’d signed the recall, they didn’t need to vote today.

Milwaukee County Dem Chair Sachin Chheda said that Walker supporters can’t get through the day without “cheating.”

“This latest lowlife sleaze comes on the heels of countless reports from around the state of various Republican dirty tricks on behalf of Walker,” Chheda said in a statement. “For instance, reports surfaced last weekend that Walker supporters are paying homeowners to post Walker signs on their lawns.”

OMG, people are (gasp!) putting signs on their lawns? This is the end of democracy as we know it, obviously.

The GOP is on to these stunts. It’s all the Democrats have left.

A state GOP source dismissed the claims, saying it was expected from Dems who have made voter suppression claims part of their playbook.

“That’s just what they do, they’re simply setting the stage for a close election,” the source said. “The story doesn’t exist until they provide evidence.”

I guess we’ll soon have a call for civility in Wisc0nson.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County also said it is receiving reports of such robocalls and accused supporters of Gov. Scott Walker of placing them.

“These tactics aren’t just shady and troubling. They’re un-American and downright criminal,” said Sachin Chheda, Milwaukee County Democratic Party chairman.

I guess they’re questioning people’s patriotism now. Funny, but nobody is technically savvy enough to record one of these alleged robocalls.

Journal Sentinel reporters have been asking voters since Tuesday for a recording of either robocall, from voicemail or from a person who has recorded the call. No one has been able to provide a copy. The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County and Taylor’s office were not able to provide a recording Tuesday.

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3 Responses to “Pathetic, Sore Loser Dems Already Whining in Wisconsin”

  1. Blue Hen on 5/05/12 at 1:53 pm

    These calls are like…spooky. They defy recording. It’s like they were vampire recordings that don’t cast a reflection. But they do sparkle.

    Here’s a thought: have someone call to report that the New (and improved!) Black Panthers are at a polling place preventing Democrats from voting. When and/or if the DOJ shows up, hand them a copy of the tape from Philly.