Pathetic Chris Matthews Ambushes Condi Rice With Idiotic Birther Question

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 at 7:08 am

This idiot just doesn’t quit, does he? Remarkably, at least, they’re showing a black female Republican on MSNBC. But then they take the opportunity to ambush Condi Rice with a birther question. Now who is it who’s keeping this nonsense afloat?

On MSNBC tonight, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interviewed Condoleezza Rice about her speech at the Republican National Convention.

It wasn’t long, however, before Chris Matthews interrupted to ask whether Rice’s speech was a “rejoinder to all the birtherism and narrowness that she’s heard in her party.”

The birther question was a huge stretch for Matthews, who has been struggling throughout the convention to highlight one of the larger fringe elements of the Republican party. Rice ignored the birther question, choosing instead to talk about foreign policy.

Andrea Mitchell, however, repeated the birther question a second time.

Disgraceful. Forget discussing what she had to say on stage, all they’re interested in doing is portraying Republicans as some kook fringe. They pulled this same kind of ambush while Governor Fortuno of Puerto Rico was speaking last night. Instead of showcasing him they did an ambush interview with Jan Brewer. How anyone can watch this crap in good conscience escapes me. Memo to the GOP: Stop giving these people interviews. How many times do you have to be ambushed to get the message? They are your enemy.


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