O’s sadly empty ‘new agenda’

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 at 8:37 am
Barack Obama

Why would the president wait until 14 days before the election, after the conventions and the debates, to release his plan? And then print 3.5 million copies of it?

It’s the panicked realization that his campaign’s attempted destruction of Mitt Romney hasn’t worked and isn’t enough to win. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll this week found that 62 percent of people want major changes in a prospective Obama second term. Four percent — that’s almost down to Obama administration officials and immediate family — want more of the same.

So the president needed someone to get on QuarkXPress to paste together “a new plan.” Pronto. But he couldn’t hit “print” during debate season: Romney would’ve loved to cite the risible document as Exhibit A for Obama’s status-quo presidency.

The pamphlet’s manufacturing section touts the creation of a new network of 15-20 manufacturing innovation institutes and a new trade-enforcement unit. Heady stuff. The big idea is a reform of the corporate tax code. Obama calls for reducing rates and making up revenue by closing tax preferences and loopholes — in other words, exactly what Romney is proposing.

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