Oops: Romney Murder Ad ‘Accidentally’ Airs in Ohio

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 at 7:27 am

Gee, this “accident” probably wouldn’t have happened if Obama’s thugs pulled the ad down a week ago when they offended the nation with it. But Obama’s person of hench Bill Burton, who used to work for Obama but now pretends he doesn’t know him, says it’s an “accident,” so why wouldn’t you believe him?

A controversial TV ad tying Mitt Romney to a woman’s cancer death aired today for the first time in Ohio, apparently in error, according to the pro-Obama super PAC that produced it.

“Station error is all,” explained Priorities USA Action senior strategist Bill Burton. ”Kind of like when the Florida station accidentally aired Restore Our Future’s anti-Gingrich ad in June.”

Oh, OK, it’s “kind of like” when an innocuous Gingrich ad aired accidentally. Except that ad wasn’t the ugliest political ad of this generation that was universally condemned except by Team Obama.

We expect the ad will soon be “accidentally” airing in more swing states any time now.

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2 Responses to “Oops: Romney Murder Ad ‘Accidentally’ Airs in Ohio”

  1. greshon on 17/17/12 at 2:51 am

    Wow, watched the video. If I lost my health-care to a Bain buyout, I would be pissed at Romney too for my wife dying. The Ad is harsh but shows what this country is becoming. Go back a few years and all kinds of people were dying at horrible jobs in this country. My family mined coal, my dad never knew his father….black lung. These men were real Americans not the dogcrap republicans that act so patriotic today and cry if they break a fingernail. Romney would love to bring us back to those days. He says he is Mr. Job creator and thats true, only all the jobs he created were for Communists in China. This guy hates America putting his money everywhere else but in this country. And paying 13% tax is unpatriotic. I am proud to pay my 34% to support our troops, build the roads and ,hell ya, help my fellow Americans when they need a little something like food or gas money and even a place to sleep till they get back on their feet. I never asked anyone for anything, but I see all the rich republicans with their hand out all the time, bailouts, tax breaks, nobid contracts and outright welfare. Time to wake up and tell the Australian Fake news Ahole to shove it down under.