Of Course: Democrats Enticing College Kids With Food and Shirts in Return for Votes

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 at 7:44 pm

They’re getting off cheap with the dopey college kids. In most Democrats precincts they have to at least spring for free cigarettes and booze. We would note this is a federal offense, but since when have laws stopped Team Obama from doing as they please?

Early voting only got under way on Monday and already a complaint has been filed.

Colorado Republicans say Democrats wrongly offered Colorado State University students free pizza and t-shirts in exchange for voting.

Let me guess: A “Foward” t-shirt?

Colorado state law says campaigners have to be 100 feet from a polling place, but there is some grey area, espeically when a polling place is inside a large public building like CSU’s Lory Student Center.

The Colorado Republican Committee sent a letter to the Larimer County clerk alleging wrongdoing by campaigners for the Democratic Party during the first day of early voting on the CSU campus.

“Operatives for the Democratic Party, or for what appears to be the Obama campaign, had set up a table located right outside the Lory Student Center, which is where one of the early vote locations is,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call said.

Photos were provided by the Colorado Republican Party that they say demonstrates their concern. They claim the Democratic organizers were too close to the entrance of the polling place and were violating state laws.

“They were essentially offering students and passers-by t-shirts and campaign t-shirts with the impression, very clearly, that you had to go vote first, and if you voted, then they would give you free t-shirts and free pizza,” Call said.

Then they’ll be given instructions on how to also vote at home.

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