Odd Coincidence: Obama Comes Out for Gay Marriage Just in Time for Big Bucks Hollywood Fundraisers

Posted by on May 10, 2012 at 7:41 am

I question the timing.

Fresh from declaring his support of same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama is diving into the embrace of Hollywood’s wealthy elite at the gala event of the political season – a sold-out, record-setting fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of movie star George Clooney.

The timing of the event is creating a blockbuster confluence of high celebrity, big money and committed activism. Hollywood is home to some of the most high-profile backers of gay marriage and the 150 donors who are paying $40,000 to attend Clooney’s dinner Thursday night will no doubt feel newly invigorated by Obama’s watershed announcement the day before.

Since when is an obvious political announcement considered watershed? The way the media is acting on his behalf you’d think he was a staunch gay marriage opponent and just flipped the switch yesterday. If these clowns don’t think this is all politically timed they’re dumber than I thought.

Amazingly, the DCCC managed to put together a page to show your support for this vacillating jellyfish. Again, question the timing.

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