Occupy’s dark heart

Posted by on May 09, 2012 at 9:38 am

The Cleveland Five are a sad-sack collection of wannabe terrorists if there ever was one. The amateurish young men who plotted to destroy a bridge outside Cleveland last week give the impression of needing the attention of a guidance counselor as much as a federal prosecutor.

But there’s no mistaking the seriousness of their attempted act. They allegedly planted what they thought were live bricks of C-4 underneath a well-traveled bridge connecting two suburban Ohio communities and repeatedly tried to detonate them.

The Cleveland Five have the honor of being the first bombers spawned by Occupy Wall Street, and may not be the last. They rejected the nonviolence advocated by Occupy Cleveland’s leaders, but they were active in the movement and perfectly represent the “black bloc” anarchism that is a part of it. If their stupidity and recklessness are different in degree from their fellow self-styled revolutionaries, they’re not different in kind. They’re the left’s homegrown terrorists.

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