Occupy Philly Zombies Now Demanding Al Jazeera on Comcast Cable or Something

Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 at 9:20 am

I’m starting to think they’re lacking a coherent message. I thought the whole point of this Obama-inspired effort was to look for more handouts from the wealthy so they get to sit around on their asses and mooch off the rest of us? Yet now it’s gotten to the point where they’re demanding Al Jazeera on Comcast cable television?

Whatever. For laughs they even trotted out that dopey retired cop who likes to prance around in his old uniform.


Retired Philadelphia Police Capt. Ray Lewis, who gained national attention with his defiant, in-uniform protest and subsequent arrest at Occupy Wall Street, made his first appearance with Occupy Philly on Monday afternoon.

Lewis, 60, had been chastised in letters from Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and the Fraternal Order of Police after he was arrested in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park on Nov. 17, wearing his old uniform.

Again donning his uniform Monday on Independence Mall, Lewis asserted his right to free speech, calling his choice of clothing a “visual symbol” of the 24 years he devoted to police work.

“I will not idly stand by while law enforcement is administered only to the poor and disenfranchised while the rich flaunt their immunity,” Lewis told a crowd of 40 occupiers and reporters gathered near a stone engraved with the First Amendment.

His address was part of a daylong Occupy event promoting freedom of speech that peaked with a march to the Comcast Center to submit a petition for the company to carry Al-Jazeera English.

A crowd of 40 occupiers and reporters? So what was it, like 35 reporters and five occupiers?

As part of their effort, they harassed Comcast employees. That ought to do the trick.

“To not have [Al-Jazeera] is censorship,” she said. “If the American public is going to be educated, they need this viewpoint.”

The crowd chanted outside the building, and some Occupiers yelled insults at Comcast employees standing by the doors.


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