Occupy Freaks Interrupt Charlotte Labor Day Parade: “Obama is a F—— Traitor”

Posted by on Sep 03, 2012 at 7:21 pm

What a charming bunch.

In the midst of a family-friendly event, about a dozen people from the Occupy Wall Street movement snuck their way into an uptown Labor Day parade between the postal worker’s union and a group supporting the election of Gary Henderson for district court judge.

They chanted, “Left wing, right wing, stop that chatter! Corporations own the government, your votes don’t matter!”

Many of them carried signs written on the back of pizza boxes, and one read, “Obama is a F—— Traitor.”

The sign – and the protesters – got a mixed reaction from the crowd watching on the sidelines.

Many did a double-take, wide-eyed, while others laughed. Some shook their heads and booed while others applauded the Occupiers.

Occupier Rami Shamir, who held the sign for much of the parade route, said he didn’t think laborers should be celebrating on Labor Day.

“They should be nonviolently disrupting the corporate institutions that keep them enslaved,” the Brooklyn native said.

Occupier Stacey Hessler called their presence at the parade “outreach.”

Ah, our old friend Stacy Hessler, the Occu-Mom. We don’t expect the media to remember he name. But we do.

Guess she hasn’t made it back home to her husband and kids. This is how we last remember the nutcase.



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