Occupy Cleveland Bomber Caught on Camera at Occupy Cleveland Speaking of ‘Non-Violence’

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But remember, this violent but mostly peaceful Occupy terrorist isn’t a member of Occupy Cleveland, even though he’s a member of Occupy Cleveland seen here speaking at Occupy Cleveland.

We are getting our first look inside the Occupy Cleveland movement. NewsChannel5 exclusively obtained video of the recording by an independent documentary producer. One of the central characters in the video is Connor Stevens. He identifies himself in the video as an Occupy Cleveland participant.

In the video, Stevens is recorded as saying, “It’s been really good, there’s been a lot of stress and frustration but all around it’s been a really good experience. Within the first day there was so much information that my mind was boggled. My favorite part is meeting people walking down the street, average people, talking to them, hearing about how they’re affected by the economy, by the justice system, things like that…”

But now, the justice system has caught up with Stevens. He’s at the center of what the FBI called a national security threat. He’s one of the five people charged with attempting to blow up local the Route 82 bridge in last week over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Brecksville and Sagamore Hills.

Amazing how quickly the left has dropped this whole Occupy movement now that it’s evolved into a terrorist group. Funny that.
Brelin Stevens said that informant pressured her brother, Connor, who isn’t violent. Brelin also told NewsChannel5 Monday her brother felt very threatened.

But in the interview recorded last fall, Stevens is heard describing a past conversation with a friend. Stevens suggested he’s changed his view about using violence to achieve the goals of the group.

“We were saying two years before that we would have been kicking out windows and stuff like that. Back in like 2008, I was at that state of mind and now I’m understanding that we’re in it for the long haul and those kind of tactics just don’t cut it. And it’s actually harder to be non-violent than it is to do stuff like that,” Stevens said.

I guess being non-violent was so difficult he instead opted for the easy path, like attempted mass murder.

Rich Lowry has some thoughts on these newly-minted leftwing terrorists.

Blowing up a bridge is like smashing a window — a favorite pastime of the anarchists at West Coast Occupy protests — only on a much larger and more hazardous scale. The spirit of nihilistic destructiveness is the same.

As is the flouting of laws and authority. This tendency isn’t limited to anarchists but is at the heart of Occupy.

Writing in The Nation, Michael Moore imagines “nonviolent assaults” (whatever that means) on Wall Street and “wave after wave of arrests” in an attempt to shut it down. The romance of confrontation with the police is more central to Occupy than any specific agenda item. The movement welcomes a “diversity of tactics,” which means accepting the masked anarchists who are delighted so long as stuff gets, in the charming words of Wright contemplating his bridge, “f—ed up.”

If the Cleveland Five had been right-wing haters of the government, everyone in America would know their names by now. Instead, they’re a neglected sign of what nastiness lurks in Occupy’s fetid ideological stew.

Not only that, there would already be commercials linking them to Mitt Romney. But Obama, the father of the Occupy movement gets a free pass.

Here’s the video. Mostly dull stuff and his comments about non-violence are after the 8:00 mark.

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