Occupy Binghamton Losers Evicted

Posted by on Jan 14, 2012 at 11:01 am

Heck,  didn’t even know there was an Occupy Binghamton. I mean, seriously, it’s Binghamton. What the hell is there to occupy there?

The remnants of Occupy Binghamton were evicted Friday from the corner of State and Court streets.

The eviction came after Mayor Matthew T. Ryan, who had previously allowed the protesters to stay, authorized the Department of Public Works to remove all unclaimed materials from the corner, and for Binghamton police to stand by in case assistance was needed, according to a city news release.

Meanwhile, Occupy Binghamton said their tents and other personal belongings were tossed into a garbage truck and crushed at the site. The group moved into the area in mid-October.

“For the last month, Mayor Ryan has encouraged the participants in Occupy Binghamton to decamp from the corner of State and Court Street to avoid issues pertaining to safety, sanitation and access, including issues the onset of cold weather and the deterioration of the property’s grounds,” the city said in its release.

Only several remained at the downtown site — Occupy Binghamton said those that were there were there on their own because the group had packed up for the winter.

Always strident, the losers maintained their sense of humor after  yet another crushing defeat.

The group said they had planned on leaving in a couple of weeks after they found jobs and other places for some of their members to stay.

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