Obama’s weak debate performance

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 at 10:50 am

On Iran, Obama claimed to have implemented crippling sanctions that have “isolated” the country. In fact, Obama had nothing to do with implementing the sanctions regime. Congress wrote and passed the sanctions over Obama’s objections and while Obama tried to water them down. After the sanctions passed Congress, Obama then provided 20 “waivers” so Iran’s trading partners — including China and India — could continue buying oil from the rogue government.

It went on and on last night. On Egyptians’ attitudes toward America, which Obama falsely claimed have improved since his election. On China, which Obama suddenly and inexplicably decided to label an “adversary” of the U.S. On the costs of his Libya adventurism.

Obama should get props for his masterful performance in evasion and fabrication. It certainly wasn’t boring. But it was a sad testament to the state of Obama’s struggling campaign that his strongest debate yet was only possible because he wasn’t afraid to look right into the camera and lie to the American public.

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