Obama’s Slumdog Brother: Meet the Hopeless Drunk From a Nairobi Shanty Town

Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 at 9:07 am

Well, like his brother Barack he’s got a taste for cocaine.

As a tall, strangely familiar figure leaves his one-room shack in a notorious African slum this week, a few people jokingly call out to him: ‘Mister President! Mister President!’

Heading for breakfast through his junk-strewn yard, stepping over streams of sewage, the appearance of this slim, angular man prompts giggles and pointing from children in rags playing in the muck.

The man’s name is George Hussein Obama and his half-brother is Barack Hussein Obama, Kenya’s most famous son, the first black President of  the U.S. and the most powerful man in the world.

The two men may share the same father, but while Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to his father’s American second wife, George — born in Kenya — was the product of Obama Senior’s fourth marriage.

Today, while Barack entertains at the White House, flies aboard Air Force One and is a friend of film stars and royalty, George, 30, is to be found slumped in his corrugated iron shack which even fellow slum-dwellers regard as a hovel.

He says the name Obama is a burden to him. Now he knows how America feels. Barack just called George and told him he didn’t build that hut.

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