Obama’s new economic adviser, Wile E. Coyote

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 at 9:23 am

Dissembling doesn’t faze him. Pretending just might work. Which Obama do you believe? Increasingly, neither. The president’s latest gaffe is, as another high-ranking Democrat would put it, a big #$%&*+@ deal because:

1) It came as Obama gives the consistent week-after-week impression that he’s much more interested in raising millions at campaign fundraisers (13 in just 3 “work” days) than lowering the unemployed ranks by millions,

2) It adds to the impression that a lost Obama, distracted by Mitt Romney’s surprising early strengths, is kinda panicked, will say almost anything to make it true and easily slips off-script with silly, immediately refutable statements. (As well as, believe it or not, an off-color joke to an LA crowd about his own wife.)

The Supreme Court overturning a federal law like ObamaCare would be unprecedented. The private sector economy is doing fine. And, be it carefully noted, these gaffes came off-teleprompter, during spontaneous answers to questions. Watch for the schedule to contain fewer such uncontrollable interrogations.

3) It came in the same week that Wisconsin voters appeared to spank Democrats and their dues-spending allies in public sector unions by refusing to recall reform-minded Republican Gov. Scott Walker. This keeps him in office and likely emboldens a fair number of the other 28 GOP governors to proceed accordingly. (A substantial number of cheeseheads were also bothered by the unions’ high-handed ouster attempt in mid-term, absent malfeasance. But that would take explaining.)

4) It came in the same week that Romney’s campaign nonchalantly announced it had raised $77 million in May, fully 25% more than the incumbent. D’oh!

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