Obama’s Moral Myopia

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 at 7:27 am

Team Obama rightly blamed Iran after its proxy Hezbollah apparently blew up a bus in a terrorist operation that killed five Israelis. Then it went off the rails.

“This was tit for tat,” a State Department official told The New York Times, implying that the bombing was retaliation for Israeli assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.

It’s worth unpacking this idea.

Tit: Israel reportedly bumps off the Iranian engineers, men working on a device that could incinerate the entire Middle East — Israel first.

Tat: Terrorists operating under orders from Iran blow up a bus full of young civilians on vacation at a Black Sea resort.

To blithely accept that equation is to acquiesce in moral equivalence at its most cynical.

And it says a great deal about the mind-set of the Obama administration.

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