Obama’s Katrina: NYC Outer Borough Residents in Revolt

Posted by on Nov 03, 2012 at 8:38 am

Alternate working title: When Big Government Fails Massively. Hey, you folks are just the types that typically vote Republican, so they’ll get to you eventually.

Rose Winfield, 72, was aghast at the lack of aid for Staten Island in the wake of the horrific trail of destruction left by Sandy.

“It’s hell out here. We are literally the forgotten ones,” said Winfield, as she stood in the darkened, dangerous yards of the Kramer Street housing project in the South Beach neighborhood.

“People in these houses are starving. Parents have newborn children who are freezing, we’ve been the last ones to get help,” said Winfield, noting that she worked for years as a city housing advocate and chairperson of a drug program in Brooklyn.

“Now, I’m not getting the help I need,” said Winfield, who is legally blind and has cancer.

The elderly woman was forced to postpone a chemotherapy treatment, scheduled at Sloan- Kettering on Wednesday, because she had no way to get there and no way to reach out for help.

“I’m in pain,” she said. “I don’t know when I’ll be able to get there.”

If Bush could be blamed for this Winfield would already be in commercials highlighting the neglect. Seven years after we’re still hearing about Katrina, but we arguably have devastation on a wider scale here in the New York/New Jersey area, yet save for a photo op with Governor Christie, we no longer see the in-lieu president wearing his bomber jacket preening for the cameras.

I did see Janet Napolitano out talking to people on Staten Island, but they didn’t even seem to know who she was.

Meanwhile, out in Chuckie Schumer’s turf, residents are also wondering why they’ve been abandoned.

They’ve been shouting from shaky rooftops and begging from battered basements, yet residents of the storm-ravaged Rockaways say all they have gotten back is silence.

With all the pumping, the backed-up toilets, the clogged sewers and houses that feel like frozen-food sections, residents say they feel abandoned.

“We haven’t gotten any help,” said Kathy Gambino, 51, who lives on flooded Rockaway Beach Boulevard. “Politicians are just driving by in their nice cars. Why don’t they come speak to us and tell us what we need to do?”

It’s a shame New York no longer has leadership like they did in the days after 9/11. On the upside there’s no marathon now on Sunday, so at least the little dictator won’t have to suffer the slings and arrows from enraged New Yorkers. Here’s an idea: They now have thousand of physically-fit runners with nothing to do. Sign them up as volunteers to help dig folks out.

Meanwhile, over in New Jersey they’re now rationing gas. So at least one Obama goal of his first term has been met. People will be using less gas these days. Maybe he can cut another Chevy Volt commercial now just to rub our noses in it.


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  1. Esau's Message on 3/03/12 at 1:58 pm

    Yeah, those Chevy Volts are not doing anybody much good right now, with hundreds of thousands still without electricity.