Obama: “You don’t hear me complaining a lot about what’s been said about me”

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 at 6:39 am

Is this guy for real? He’s spent the bulk of his term sniveling and whining about the slightest perceived insult and he’s got the balls to tell us he doesn’t complain?

In the interview, Obama waved off his rival’s grievance that he’s running an overwhelmingly negative campaign. The Romney campaign released an ad Sunday called “Hope and Change?” questioning whether the president’s 2008 campaign slogan had proved disappeared in 2012.

“You don’t hear me complaining a lot about what’s been said about me,” Obama said. “And Lord knows a lot’s been said about me over the past three and a half years. I understand the nature of our democracy has always been a little bit messy like this.”

Yup, he never complains.

Obama for America national field director Jeremy Bird told ABC News that the site’s goal is to offer “resources to fight back” against attacks. Mostly, that means fact checking statements from the likes of GOP presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and conservative commentator Glenn Beck and offering evidence to the contrary. The site is designed in bold red and black colors, and uses statements like “support the truth” and “fight the smears.”

The response to the site has been less than stellar.

Yeah, how did that work out?

Ironically, the location of this site is now here. What are the front page items there?

Front and center is a link to this video.

So a site designated to “fight the smears” against Obama has a video smearing Mitt Romney.

But remember, Obama never complains about what’s said about him.

Except for, you know,  the endless whining from him and his supporters about, well, everything.


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4 Responses to “Obama: “You don’t hear me complaining a lot about what’s been said about me””

  1. Uncle Monkey on 18/18/12 at 3:23 pm

    Speaking of failed sites, the ObamaPosterProject.com went out with a whimper. It was all so exciting 3 months ago.

    They kept moving the date of the latest poster forward for a couple of months, and now it seems to be abandoned. June 18 would introduce “New Hope” and the rest are “Soon”, dates removed.

    Maybe the interest in a T-Shirt with Obama in a space helmet or a watch cap wasn’t as great as anticipated? I was so looking forward to a Yoda-Obama or Princess Leia Obama.