Obama Saved the Auto Industry! GM Still Losing $49,000 on Each Volt

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 at 8:59 am

Obama killed bin Laden and GM is still alive, they like to say. But they’re losing money, so it’s an Obama victory, or something.

Nearly two years after the introduction of the path-breaking plug-in hybrid, GM is still losing as much as $49,000 on each Volt it builds, according to estimates provided to Reuters by industry analysts and manufacturing experts.

Cheap Volt lease offers meant to drive more customers to Chevy showrooms this summer may have pushed that loss even higher. There are some Americans paying just $5,050 to drive around for two years in a vehicle that cost as much as $89,000 to produce.

There’s government efficiency for you. A piece of junk that costs nearly $90,000 to make and they can’t even give them away.

And while the loss per vehicle will shrink as more are built and sold, GM is still years away from making money on the Volt, which will soon face new competitors from Ford, Honda and others.

GM’s basic problem is that “the Volt is over-engineered and over-priced,” said Dennis Virag, president of the Michigan-based Automotive Consulting Group.

We’re starting to think running on the GM bailout was a success theme might not be a winner.

The GM bailout was a bad deal for GM’s creditors, for U.S. taxpayers, and, in the long run, for the U.S. automobile industry and our overall national competitiveness. No wonder the Democrats are campaigning on a fictionalized account of it.


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