Obama Now Pitching Spy Movies or Something

Posted by on Mar 07, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Let me guess. He turns out to be the super hero. We’ll call him President Zero.

If you’ve ever had a pitch turned down by Harvey Weinstein, you’re now in some fine company. The Weinstein Co. chief disclosed that President Obama recently sent him a film idea — which he passed on.

“The President sent me a book the other day and said ‘Why don’t you make this into a movie?'” Weinstein said. “I can’t tell you. It was a spy novel.”

But Weinstein demurred.

“I sent him an email back saying he was the most over qualified book scout I’ve ever had,” he told the Times of London.

Obama truly is amazing. Between all the vacations, golf, parties, basketball and fundraising, how does the man manage to work in time as an aspiring film mogul?

Amazingly, this project wasn’t about him. You know what a humble, self-effacing guy he can be.

Well, come to think of it, he’s already got his own schlockumentary coming out.

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