Obama Movie Review: “An Inconvenient Superman”

Posted by on Mar 09, 2012 at 7:31 am

Once the slobbering Obama media gets a hold of the “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the latest Obama schlockumentary narrated by Tom Hanks, they’ll probably be nominating it for Oscars. Fortunately, we have New York Post movie critic Kyle Smith to provide us with a realistic look at the latest propaganda effort from Dear Leader.

We’ve also got one more small asset: facts. Despite Hanks’ and Guggenheim’s adorably devoted efforts to polish up a tarnished presidency, only 30 percent of Americans think the country is on the right track, the economy is as robust as an asthmatic newborn, people hate the stimulus, the bailouts and the health-care law and Osama bin Laden can’t be assassinated again.

So, lights, cameras, excuses!

“How do we understand this president, and his time in office?” asks Hanks at the outset. Tell us, Tom, tell us! “Do we look at the day’s headlines, or do we remember what we, as a country, have been through?”

Whoa, is Hanks ordering us to pay no attention to those pesky newspapers? Stupid is as stupid does. Anyone who does read the papers will be asking why, if we were in such a calamitous situation, the bounce-back wasn’t stronger, as it has been in all previous modern recessions except the one FDR kept going for a decade. Obama’s Karl Rove, David Axelrod, is filmed saying of an Obama briefing, “What was described in that meeting was an economic crisis beyond anything anybody had imagined,” but does not mention the proposed solution, the stimulus, which isn’t popular, but only because it wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and didn’t work.

Indeed, those pesky little things known as facts just keep piling up and getting in the way. Come to think of it, maybe they can re-cut the narrative and insert new Obama mascot Sandra Fluke in this epic. You know, in case they need some steamy love scenes.
Hanks continues, amid Very Seriously Dramatic black and white photos of Obama, “His advisers would ask, ‘Where to begin? Which urgent need would he put first?’ ” Um, filling out his March Madness bracket, naturally! Oh, and health care. “If we don’t do this now, it’ll be a generation before 30 million people have health insurance,” Joe Biden is shown saying. Wait a minute — 10 seconds ago we were having an economic crisis. What’s with the health care? If Germany attacks you, you don’t go after New Zealand. Yet here is where Guggenheim’s skills are especially impressive. He got Joe Biden to get through a sentence without a gaffe, and that is a big f–king deal.
Joe Biden? Hey, who knew this was a comedy?

Hurrying on from health care, mainly because 53 percent of Americans oppose it and the rest think it’s unconstitutional anyway, the movie passes along some news: Did you hear Obama got bin Laden? Not the SEALs, not the vast US intelligence apparatus, not 10 years of painstaking waterboard-assisted sleuthing — no. Obama did it. By sitting in a conference room in Washington and uttering two syllables: “OK.” Biden: “As he walked out the room, it dawned on me: He’s ALL ALONE. This is his decision. Nobody is standing there with him.”

But, what decision? This was a multiple-choice test with one answer. Was there another option anyone had in mind? “Nah, let him go. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.” Obama claiming credit for getting bin Laden is like Richard Nixon saying he put a man on the moon.

Guggenheim’s movie will be released March 15, and it’ll be picked clean by March 16. Sometimes your leading man turns out to be Harrison Ford, other times he’s Brandon Routh. A better title for this movie would be “An Inconvenient Superman.”

Will anyone else in the media have the stones to pan this nonsense? We’ll soon find out.


4 Responses to “Obama Movie Review: “An Inconvenient Superman””

  1. spepper on 9/09/12 at 8:27 am

    “The Road We’ve Traveled” under this guy, is heading straight over a CLIFF. Time to turn the buggy around. At this point, it doesn’t matter who the DRIVER is, that turns it– only that he actually DOES it before it’s too late.

  2. William on 12/12/12 at 1:35 am


    I have no doubt that our watchdog, predominently leftist-misogynist-prejudiced-racist, malicious press, as well as the entertainment industry, will strongly endorse this movie, and Obama, not matter what.

    If Jesus the Christ comes riding a huge cloud, accompanied by choirs of angels, Obama and his legions will omitt such news, and paint Obama as the Savior of Mankind, Messiah, The One, The Hope for all mankind, while everyone who does not think like him are stupid, anti-science, racist, mean, hateful, and other lies.