Obama marks Congress tax deal by citing self 5 times in 2 paragraphs

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 at 5:08 pm

By the eagerness President Obama sought to associate himself with congressional tax cut legislation, you’d think he was campaigning for reelection this year.

Oh, wait. He’s never stopped campaigning from 2008.

Congress hasn’t actually passed the bill yet and Obama wasn’t actually in Washington Thursday. So in between his West Coast donor events the Fundraiser-in-Chief issued a statement (Scroll down for the full text, as usual).

Without cluttering up voters’ minds with actual names, Obama praised both party’s leaders for agreeing to extend the tax cut and unemployment benefits to year’s end. Both houses are expected to pass their leaders’ compromise agreement quickly.

Obama said the bill would mean a typical American family this year would have almost $1,000 more, getting to keep what is their own money in the first place.

Coincidentally, Obama’s campaign is charging members of the elite 1% class nearly 36 times that much ($35,800) each for the privilege of hearing the Democrat ask for their support in this year’s election. He predicted the 2012 campaign would be harder than 2008, in which he spent $745 million in donations, with this year’s original goal being $1 billion.

In his statement Obama said the not-yet-passed extension legislation would mean a lot to “millions of Americans who are out pounding the pavement looking for new work to support their families.” The Democrat didn’t have time to explain why so many millions of Americans are still unemployed despite his spending nearly a trillion dollars in not-really shovel-ready stimulus money that was supposed to keep the unemployment rate below 8%, but didn’t.

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