Obama-Loving Rapper Fails to Pay His Fair Share, Faces Two Years in Prison for Tax Evasion

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 at 12:49 pm

If only all these Obama supporters paid their fair share maybe we wouldn’t be heading off the fiscal cliff.

Rap star “Fat Joe” has pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion.

The performer, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena today pleaded guilty to failing to pay taxes on more than $1 million of income in 2007 and in 2008.

The 42-year-old Miami Beach resident appeared in federal court in New Jersey because some of the companies he earns money from are incorporated in Somerville.

Here’s Mr. Joe waxing eloquent on the joys of free healthcare. He also wonders why the “youf” of America don’t get free education like they do in a place called Helsinki.

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