Obama Is A Job-Outsourcing Hypocrite

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 at 8:50 am

The president accuses his likely opponent of outsourcing jobs as his re-election campaign hires telemarketers in Canada and the Philippines. And what about GM in China and those electric cars built in Finland?

After his attacks on Mitt Romney’s involvement in the job-creating private equity firm Bain Capital failed to resonate with an underemployed America, President Obama has retooled his message somewhat.

Now, after the Washington Post published a story about Bain’s alleged role in outsourcing factory jobs overseas, he’s blasting Republican nominee Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer in chief” and “outsourcing pioneer.”

He did so even as, the Washington Free Beacon reports, Team Obama spent nearly $4,700 on services from a Canadian telemarketing company called Pacific East between March and June. The Obama campaign also paid a call center in Manila, Philippines, $78,314.10 for telemarketing services between the start of the campaign and March.

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