Obama Endorses Romney, Says He’s No John McCain

Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm

If Romney hadn’t already closed the deal with conservatives, this should do it.

President Barack Obama explained told an audience at a fundraiser in Philadelphia last night that he has much less in common with Mitt Romney than he did with his opponent in 2008, John McCain.

“The choices in this election could not be starker,” President Obama said. “Back in 2008, I had some strong disagreements with John McCain, but there were certain baselines that we both agreed on. We both agreed on things like immigration reform. We agreed on the existence of climate change. We agreed on the need to control campaign finance spending. This time out, across the board, there is just a fundamental disagreement, a difference of vision in terms of where we want to go.”

Considering up is the only direction possible after the Obama disaster, I’ll go with Romney.

Thanks, Obama!

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