Obama Economic Adviser Immelt “Appalled” by Obama’s Class-Warfare Rhetoric

Posted by on Mar 20, 2012 at 8:52 am

Apparently Obama’s insatiable appetite for all things big government hasn’t dissuaded GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt for sucking up a ton of government subsidies courtesy of Barack Obama. Supposedly a lifelong Republican, he’s perfectly content to continue raping our treasury in the advance of failed “green” technologies that have wasted countless billions already.

So if he’s so appalled by the recklessness, why not speak up?

Back when he agreed to advise the Obama administration on economics, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt told friends that he thought it would be good for GE and good for the country. A life-long Republican, Immelt said he believed he could at the very least moderate the president’s distinctly anti-business instincts.

That was three years ago; these days Immelt is telling friends something quite different.

Sure, GE has managed to feast on federal subsidies, particularly the “green-energy” giveaways that are Obamanomics’ hallmark.

But Immelt doesn’t think he’s had anywhere near as much luck moderating the president’s fat-cat-bashing, left-leaning economic agenda of taxing businesses and entrepreneurs to pay for government bloat.

Friends describe Immelt as privately dismayed that, even after three years on the job, President Obama hasn’t moved to the center, but instead further left. The GE CEO, I’m told, is appalled by everything from the president’s class-warfare rhetoric to his continued belief that big government is the key to economic salvation.

Or, as one friend recently put it to me, “Jeff thought he could make a difference, and now realizes he couldn’t.”

Immelt’s conversion from public Obama supporter to a private detractor is important: It shows how even businessmen who feast off his subsidies worry about his overall economic agenda and its long-term impact on the economy.

Don’t expect Immelt to say anything publicly about the downside of president’s economic agenda anytime soon: He’s still serving as what is considered the top outside economic adviser to the White House. (A GE spokesman insists that the reports I’m sharing here about Immelt’s private criticism of Obama are “ludicrous.”)

GE has too much to lose for Immelt to publicly ’fess up to his disdain. The president now routinely talks up his desire to tax businesses that create jobs overseas, and GE overseas expansion is well-documented. Nor does the company want to put all its green subsidies at risk.

And of course the last thing Immelt or his shareholders need is for the president to turn his class-warfare fire on them, as he did to his erstwhile pals in the banking business.

Indeed, fear is likely behind the decision to stay mum.  Let’s face it: No businessman worth anything can possibly believe Obama knows what he’s doing. But what Obama can do is unleash his goon squads upon his detractors and make life miserable for them, so they stay mute. That’s what we’ve come to in America today. Business is stifled, failed business are gushed over and an army of thugs eagerly awaits their marching orders to destroy the opposition. Immelt should have given pause before signing up.


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11 Responses to “Obama Economic Adviser Immelt “Appalled” by Obama’s Class-Warfare Rhetoric”

  1. stonedome on 20/20/12 at 10:13 am

    that’s what you get for being beholden to the narcissist in chief…lesser narcissists get to adore him, but no matter how influential you think you are, the tire tracks of the “beast” will eventually be found running across your back. ……….side note, suck up immelt purchased 1,200 volts for g e employee vehicles and told them if you would rather have another vehicle, you will not be reimbursed for any of your expenses. still think he’s a victim?

  2. Blue Hen on 20/20/12 at 11:59 am

    I think that what we’re seeing is an image reset. By giving obama these hits now, they can say later that this is all old news. Either that, or somebody’s seen some internal polling that suggests things are going sourth for the dear leader big time.

  3. cyclown on 21/21/12 at 11:00 am

    I have submitted Mr. Immelt’s name to the Truth Team. With one more name submitted to the Truth Team, I will receive a toe nail from President Obama’s left toe (hopefully it will be the big toe! crossing fingers!!1!!!).

  4. howiem on 21/21/12 at 12:13 pm

    Immelt’s comments only go to show what a complete idiot he is. Anyone in a position of corporate responsibility should know what “redistribute the wealth” means. Immelt should have clearly seen what was coming back in 2008. Many did, but not enough.

    On a lighter note, did Immelt make “private” statements to friends he knows have loose lips? Do we now have a new axiom that to keep things confidential, make sure they get on the Internet.

  5. kbdabear on 22/22/12 at 11:49 am

    This is a scam designed to make Obama look like the champion of the people and Romney the BFF of those like Immelt

    Immelt might vote for Romney, but his money still goes to the SCOAMF

    This reminds me of Vito Corleone sending Luca Brasi to the Tattaglias; “tell them you’re not happy with the family, find out what you can”