Obama Dumped by Former Supporter for … Ron Paul

Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 at 7:55 am

Hey, these conspiracy kooks have to stick together. Perhaps Doctor Ron Paul could use this image in his campaign spots.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone, known for his liberal political views, said he would vote for GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul over President Obama should Paul win the Republican nomination.

In an interview with Rock Cellar magazine, Stone was asked if an economic collapse would lead to the fall of the American “empire.”

“I think it’s a given,” Stone said. “There’s no way that we can continue this spending spree. In fact, I think in many ways the most interesting candidate — I’d even vote for him if he was running against Obama — is Ron Paul. Because he’s the only one of anybody who’s saying anything intelligent about the future of the world.” Stone was a vocal supporter of the president in 2008, and wrote an editorial in the Guardian saying that Obama could be the “heir to John F. Kennedy.”

According to Federal Election Commission records, in 2008 Stone donated $2,300 directly to the Obama campaign and another $2,300 to the Obama Victory Fund, which raises money for Obama’s re-election as well as for the Democratic National Committee.

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