Obama Determined To Shut Down Business In America

Posted by on Jan 04, 2012 at 10:38 am
Obama communist

Barack Obama who has faced withering criticism all throughout his presidency for side stepping established laws and constitutional procedures appears ready to go all in on securing a legacy as a sole ruler with no need for congressional approval or consent for any of his actions. Whether it has been using the power of his various cabinet departments such as the EPA or Energy to impose draconian rules on businesses or the power of his DoJ and the NRLB to intimidate businesses and silence critics, this administration has been one long string of edicts.

President Barack Obama will use a so-called recess appointment on Wednesday to install Richard Cordray as head of the country’s new consumer financial protection watchdog, sidestepping Republican congressional opposition to his pick.

“Today in Ohio, President Obama will announce the recess appointment of consumer watchdog Richard Cordray,” White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer announced in a tweet.

The Republican opposition is not so much to the man but rather to the agency he would head which would have broad powers over business. What the EPA has done for the energy production in this country this new government organization would do to all other businesses in this country.

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One Response to “Obama Determined To Shut Down Business In America”

  1. © Sponge on 4/04/12 at 12:53 pm

    The man’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Just a short 3 1/2 years ago, he was campaigning about how evil GWB was for overreaching and signing bills with his presidential signage attachments.

    Obama is a SCoaMF.