Obama Back to Claiming GOP Holding People ‘Hostage’

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Good grief, it’s going to be a loooooooong four more years of listening to this asshole.

President Obama took to the road Friday to sell his plan to avoid a looming series of tax increases and spending cuts, using a campaign-style event to accuse Republicans of holding the middle class “hostage” during deadlocked negotiations.

“It’s unacceptable for a handful of Republicans in Congress to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage,” Obama said at a toy manufacturing plant in a suburb of Philadelphia. “Let’s give families all across American the sense of security they deserve this holiday season.”

Obama focused almost exclusively on taxes, the area of most contention in the “fiscal-cliff” fight. The president, employing a litany of holiday metaphors, called on Congress to extend the so-called Bush income tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 annually.

“If Congress does nothing, every family in America will automatically see their income taxes go up on Jan. 1,” he said. “I’m assuming that doesn’t sound good to you. That’s like the lump of coal you get for Christmas — a Scrooge Christmas.”

Sure, this is a serious man Republicans can work with, huh? Scrooge? Hostages? Really?

The GOP needs to announce unilaterally — today — they’re done dealing with him. Let him own this mess, since in large part he already does. Just walk away. He won, let him deal with it. When we go off the cliff Republicans will be blamed anyway. So just walk now. He cannot be dealt with. Oh, and if you think this “hostage” nonsense isn’t part of a coordinated strategy, get a load of this fundraising email from the Democrats:

Boehner and Cantor just don’t get it. The American people are done with the Tea Party histrionics that come out every time we need to pass a bill. These guys don’t understand that the Tea Party is over. No more debt-deal showdowns, no more middle-class hostage taking, and no more shutdowns.

Donate $3 or more right now to send a message to Boehner and Cantor: The Tea Party is over.

If this tool was serious about the fiscal cliff he’d be in DC actually working tog et something done. Instead he’s on the campaign trail — at our expense — lying through his teeth. This is leadership?

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