NY Times: 96 Percent of NYC Shooting Victims and 90 Percent of Murder Victims are Black or Latino, Most Shot by Other Blacks or Latinos

Posted by on Apr 02, 2012 at 9:32 am

At first I though this was an April Fool’s gag from the New York Times, but the story is dated today. It’s an amazing development that they’re actually reporting such inconvenient truths.

The reality is stark. Sure, many people are angry, especially African-Americans, when unarmed black men are shot to death, like Trayvon Martin or Ramarley Graham, an 18-year-old killed in the Bronx by a police officer who was part of an antidrug squad. The Graham shooting in February has raised troubling questions about police tactics.

But only the willfully indifferent can fail to notice that the greatest threat to young African-American and Latino men comes from other African-American and Latino men. In this city last year, the police say, those demographics accounted for 96 percent of shooting victims and 90 percent of murder victims, with similar percentages for the shooters. It is a limited source of comfort that violent crime, over all, is way down from its peak two decades ago, Fort Greene being no exception.

The names of the “willfully indifferent” are Obama, Sharpton and Jackson, in case you were wondering.

“We’ve got to stop this war against one another,” the Rev. Mark V.C. Taylor, pastor of the Church of the Open Door, said as he led the marchers.

One woman took up the same cry. “We’re killing ourselves,” she said as she walked. Her voice was soft, the words said less in anger than in lamentation.

Shhh. We’re not supposed to notice.

2 Responses to “NY Times: 96 Percent of NYC Shooting Victims and 90 Percent of Murder Victims are Black or Latino, Most Shot by Other Blacks or Latinos”

  1. bobdog on 2/02/12 at 10:16 pm

    I don’t want to be accused of being a racist or anything, but it appears that the most logical thing to do is forbid black people and Hispanics from owning or possessing firearms.

    I think that’s a fair conclusion, if I’m reading the statistics correctly. Can we get a sponsor for this legislation from somebody in the Black Caucus? Can we get an Executive Order? Can we use the Commerce Clause? Can we claim civil rights violations?

    Quelle Tragedie! How many more black children have to die? It’s for the CHIL-dren.

    There. Just solved 90% of our violent crime problem, with a little help from Jim Crow. Recoil in horror, but the argument does follow the statistics, if you think about it. I didn’t say I agree with it, but it’s an interesting thought to keep in mind when the Black Caucus introduces their gun control bill in Congress next week or so.