Now Obama looks all wet

Posted by on Sep 01, 2012 at 11:51 am

Maybe it was the Romney campaign’s strategy all along — mesmerize Democrats with Clint’s invisible Obama routine while secretly planning to catch them off guard in New Orleans. Whatever the plan, it worked.

Hours after Romney headed to Louisiana, the White House announced Obama was canceling a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday to visit with the thousands who have lost their homes and power in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. That would be three days after Romney got there.

Of course, the change in plans had nothing whatsoever to do with the Republican nominee’s trip to Louisiana, according to the White House.

That’s a strange explanation, because the storm passed through the New Orleans area a few days ago, giving Obama ample time to schedule a stop there.

The chain of events the last week must have flustered the Obama campaign.

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