Noted Climatologist Paul Krugman Cites Disgraced James Hansen in Latest ‘Climate Change’ Screed

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 at 10:38 am

I guess having been thoroughly discredited as an economist, New York Times nutcase Paul Krugman has decided to move on to a new calling as a climatologist. This would be sad if it weren’t so funny.

Naturally, he first takes on the dreaded climate change deniers.

Making things much worse, of course, is the role of players who don’t have the best will in the world. Climate change denial is a major industry, lavishly financed by Exxon, the Koch brothers and others with a financial stake in the continued burning of fossil fuels.

Of course he cites zero evidence to support that assertion. If Exxon and the evil Koch brothers are “lavishly” financing “denial” shouldn’t he at least support that with some links? It’s quite amusing: Until a year or so ago nobody ever heard of the Koch brothers. In no time at all they’ve become the all-encompassing bogeymen for the left.

Then Krugman goes further off the rails, citing the discredited James Hansen. Yes, the same guy who’s credibility was blown to smithereens with the ClimateGate scandal.

How should we think about the relationship between climate change and day-to-day experience? Almost a quarter of a century ago James Hansen, the NASA scientist who did more than anyone to put climate change on the agenda, suggested the analogy of loaded dice.

Hansen did more to put climate change on the agenda, as well as discrediting the movement. I wonder if Krugman is even aware of ClimateGate?

It gets even more amusing. Having thrown Hansen out there as a source, Krugman then goes on to cite a hysterical piece  from Democratic Party hate site Think Progress to support his crumbling argument.

Now, maybe this drought will break in time to avoid the worst. But there will be more events like this. Joseph Romm, the influential climate blogger, has coined the term “Dust-Bowlification” for the prospect of extended periods of extreme drought in formerly productive agricultural areas.

In Krugman’s world, Hansen and hysterics like Joe Romm are “influential,” while Exxon and the Koch brothers are deniers.

Krugman later goes on to say Florida will drown in the next few decades. OK, Paulie, whatever you say.


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