“Non-Partisan” (Read: Liberal) Think Tank Says Romney Tax Plan Would “Balloon the Deficit”

Posted by on Jan 05, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Obvious reminder from Reuters: We’re in the tank for deficit hawk Barack Obama and we’re just doing our part to sandbag any potential challenger.

Oh, and we’ll pretend we’re citing a “non-partisan” group for cover.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax plan would cut revenues and increase the government’s budget deficit, while benefiting wealthy taxpayers more than others, said a report from a non-partisan think tank released on Thursday.

Romney’s plan offers a middle-of-the-road tax package – not as daring as the radical flat-tax proposals offered by some of his competitors, but conservative enough to please Republican voters, tax analysts said on Thursday.

“It is a more pragmatic plan than some of the other plans that we’ve seen,” said Clint Stretch, managing principal at Deloitte Tax LLP. “It takes some fairly orthodox, but traditional Republican positions.”

The Tax Policy Center’s analysis scored Romney’s plan on its cost and effect on taxpayers at different income levels. It estimated former Massachusetts Governor Romney’s plan would cut federal tax revenue by $600 billion, or 16 percent, in 2015.

They fail to mention Obama’s plan because, well, he doesn’t have one. Besides, under his able stewardship, our deficits have pretty much disappeared.

As to the “non-partisan” silliness, consider the source.

In fact, the Tax Policy Centeris the product of the left-leaning Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute. The Tax Policy Center data cited by CBS followed the liberal approach of portraying tax cuts as a government giveaway, and calculating the raw dollar value of each person’s “benefit.” Reid reported: “A recent study by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center says Obama’s plan would give a cut of more than a thousand dollars to families making between $37,000 and $66,000 a year. Under McCain’s plan, they’d get just $319.

That morning, ABC’s Diane Sawyer confronted McCain economic advisor Meg Whitman with the Tax Policy Center’s complaint that the Republican’s tax plan would “add $4.5 trillion to the national debt.” A few days earlier, ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos similarly promoted Tax Policy Center data as proving that McCain’s tax plan was tilted to the rich: “The bottom 60 percent will get about $150….The top 0.1 percent — that’s approaching $3 million a year — get almost $270,000. How do you sell that as a plan that targets Sam’s Club more than the country club?” Neither ABC reporter bothered to tell viewers about the group’s liberal orientation.

So this “non-partisan” group supported Obama’s over McCain.

How’s  that working out?

By the way, this “non-partisan” outfit also skewered Newt Gingrich’s plan, of course.

So your choices are thus: Completely drive off the cliff under the lawless occupant of the White House, or take a flier on someone else tapping on the brakes.

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