New Yorkers Laugh at Pathetic OWS May Day Protest: “These people need a change of wardrobe and a shower”

Posted by on May 02, 2012 at 7:40 am

Can we finally ignore these losers once and for all?

Occupy Wall Street’s call for May Day mayhem largely fizzled yesterday — but at least provided a good laugh for hardworking people gazing from their office windows at the demonstrators’ antics as cops took a few dozen into custody.

“How can anyone take them seriously? They look like homeless people,” quipped Financial District bartender Kimberly Leo.

“I saw one woman complaining about not having a job, but she had a shirt with the word “nympho” on it,” Leo, 26, said. “These people need a change of wardrobe and a shower.”

The daylong demonstrations featured several thousand protesters doing little more than snarling traffic in sporadic gatherings around the city.

More than 50 of them had been arrested by last night after a handful of clashes with the police armies that flooded the streets.

The biggest flare-up came at around 2 p.m., when 100 protesters with black bandanas over their faces sprinted north from Sara Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side while knocking over trash cans and banging on cars.

They had a giant sign that read, “F–k the police.”

Elliot Epstein, 19, allegedly bit NYPD Chief Thomas Galati during a scrum on Sixth Avenue and Waverly Place in Greenwich Village.

“[He] fled from an arresting officer, knocked over a scooter cop, and fought with a lieutenant who tried to stop the perp,” a police source said.

After biting Galati, he “then began spitting on Chief Galati and the lieutenant,” the source said. He was hit with a slew of charges including assaulting a police officer.

Meanwhile, in Oakland the “peaceful” protest results in nearly two dozen arrests. In what may alsio be a turning point for the lamestream media, it’s actually being reported that the wannabe bridge bombers in Ohio were members of Occupy Cleveland.

Five men involved in Occupy Cleveland stand accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Sagamore Hills. The organization itself has not been implicated, but the arrests prompted organizers to cancel their May Day protest and instead spend the day distancing themselves from what they characterized as a fringe element.

“While the group arrested Monday evening by the FBI [was] associated with Occupy Cleveland, they were in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland or the event that was planned for later today,” the organization said in an email. “Occupy Cleveland has affirmed principles of nonviolence since its inception on Oct. 6, 2011.”

Sure, keep believing that. They were part of Occupy Cleveland, but have nothing to do with them. OK.

By the way, don’t forget who’s really behind these cretins.


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