NBC WH Correspondent Chuck Todd Admits: “We in the media have done a terrible job at covering the economy. We have done a terrible job”

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Of course, it’s not media bias. It’s just media! Or something. I guess this explains zero economic coverage and endless Akin nonsense.

You’ve got to go here to listen. Laura Ingraham’s producers used to send YouTube clips, but not for this so nothing to embed.

A sampling of the NBC “Political Director’s” pathetic excuse-making.

In an interview on the Laura Ingraham show, NBC White House Correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd said, “the media does a terrible job covering the economy,” but rejected the idea that political bias is at play.  @ (5:36) “It’s not media bias, it’s media, it’s what they’re covering.” He states, rather, that: @ (6:16) “The real media bias is geographic….it is because the media industrial complex is based in New York City so there are cultural biases built in…but it is less political than people think it is.”

In recent days, two respected reporters—TIME’s Mark Halperin and ABC’s Jake Tapper—have called out the media for their more favorable coverage of the Obama campaign.  Tapper noted that in 2008, the media may have “tipped the balance” in favor of Obama, and wasn’t fair to either McCain or Romney.

Todd observed that “Romney’s having a hard time getting his economic message out,”but denied that his own cable network, which is devoting enormous coverage to the Akin story, is the cause.  @ 5:45 “You cover the campaign that is in front of you and you try to cover the issues that are undercovered. You try to do both. But there are people who will selectively say, ‘Oh look, you can always find someone that is doing something in the media that you disagree with,’ and then try to tar everyone in the media complex. And that is my sort of pet peeve here.”

Nevertheless, Todd conceded that reporters’ priorities are often out of whack: @4:17 “There are plenty of things you can blame on the media and what we focus on,” he said, noting that we have now had 1,000 casualties in Afghanistan in the last 27 months. “Shouldn’t that be the lead story?”

@ 2:05 “Look, I think we in the media have done a terrible job at covering the economy.  The economy is not the market. The economy is people and how they are feeling. We have done a terrible job.”

First step, Chuckles, is admitting you’ve got a problem. Now fix it.

Still, he has more problems, deeply ingrained:

Reacting to the new Rasmussen poll showing that 47 percent of likely voters and 69 percent of conservatives think the media is biased, Todd explained:  @ @5:02 “There are partisans on both sides, that it is in their interest to delegitimize the quote mainstream media and claim bias.”

So he openly admits they’re biased by avoiding covering the economy, but it’s our imagination. Thanks for clearing that up.


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One Response to “NBC WH Correspondent Chuck Todd Admits: “We in the media have done a terrible job at covering the economy. We have done a terrible job””

  1. NateDogg614 on 23/23/12 at 8:34 am

    Not to worry. I have every confidence that if Romney is elected President, and the economy continues to struggle, the media will cover the economy again. A lot.