NBC Fires Unnamed Producer for Zimmerman Tape Smear

Posted by on Apr 06, 2012 at 8:32 pm

So they’re allowed to fabricate a tape to paint George Zimmerman and a racist and aren’t identified? What the hell is this nonsense?

NBC News has fired a producer who was involved in the production of a misleading segment about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

The person was fired on Thursday, according to two people with direct knowledge of the disciplinary action who declined to be identified discussing internal company matters. They also declined to name the fired producer. A spokeswoman for NBC News declined to comment.

The action came in the wake of an internal investigation by NBC News into the production of the segment, which strung together audio clips in such a way that made George Zimmerman’s shooting of Mr. Martin sound racially motivated. Ever since the Feb. 26 shooting, there has been a continuing debate about whether race was a factor in the incident.

The segment in question was shown on the “Today” show on March 27. It included audio of Mr. Zimmerman saying, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

But Mr. Zimmerman’s comments had been taken grossly out of context by NBC. On the phone with a 911 dispatcher, he actually said of Mr. Martin, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” Then the dispatcher asked, “O.K., and this guy — is he white, black or Hispanic?” Only then did Mr. Zimmerman say, “He looks black.”

The editing of the segment was initially noticed by NewsBusters, an arm of the Media Research Center, a conservative media monitoring group. On March 31, NBC told The Washington Post that it would investigate.

Inside NBC, there was shock that the segment had been broadcast. Citing an anonymous network executive, Reuters reported that “the ‘Today’ show’s editorial control policies — which include a script editor, senior producer oversight and in most cases legal and standards department reviews of material to be broadcast — missed the selective editing of the call.”

At the very least the executive producer should also be terminated. At least we know his name.

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  1. qzy on 7/07/12 at 10:06 am

    I know this is off-topic, but I read a great piece in The Onion today; probably the funniest thing I’ve read there in years.

    The basic premise was that, The Onion was just printing the hearsay of anonymous sources regarding the general circumstances surrounding the firing of an unnamed employee.

    Oh, wait… Did I say, The Onion? I meant The New York Times.

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE EFFING KIDDING ME!! The New York Times just scooped The Onion.