NATO air strike ‘kills eight women in Laghman’

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I get the feeling Afghans will suddenly be concerned with the plight of women. Somehow Mitt Romney will be blamed for this.

At least eight women have died in a Nato air strike in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Laghman, local officials say.

Nato has conceded that between five and eight civilians died as it targeted insurgents, and offered condolences.

The remote region in which the strike took place is out of the reach of central government, correspondents say.

Earlier on Sunday, four soldiers with the Nato forces were killed in an attack by suspected Afghan police.

The attack in southern Zabul province brought to 51 the number of Nato troops killed in “insider attacks” this year, and came a day after two UK soldiers were killed at a checkpoint by a man in police uniform.

‘Collecting wood’

Local officials in Laghman told the BBC at least eight women had died, while provincial council member Gulzar Sangarwal said nine were dead.

Major Adam Wojack, a spokesman for the Isaf international forces, said between five and eight civilians could have been killed, and said an investigation was under way.

He told the BBC that a group of some 45 insurgents had been targeted by an Isaf unit, and many had been killed.

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